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How to Contribute to Voice

Voice is the magazine of 83,000 elementary educators in Ontario. Our goal is to facilitate a conversation among our members and beyond that considers relevant issues such as educators’ daily work, interests, innovation in teaching practice, policy, resources, perspectives on education and collaboration with community partners. If you are interested in writing for the magazine, consider submitting to one of the following sections.

Ideas: This section considers teaching practice in the context of broader social and educational implications. Using experience as a starting point, articles can explore a host of issues including classroom practice, technology, policy etc as they relate to the broader education landscape. Articles range from about 1200 – 2000 words. Ideas features could begin with classroom practice, an interesting read, or the impacts of policy on a contributors work as an educator.

Interviews/profiles: The section profiles educators and the contributions they make to the field and are presented in a Q+A format. Interviews tend to be about 800-1000 words long and allow the subject to talk about highlights of the work they do. Focus is on questions that inspire as well as tools for those interested in applying the ideas in their own school or classroom. Contact us if there is an educator in your school whose work you would like to profile.

Documentary: These features are guided by photos and present an educational practice through a combination of images and text. Documenting the work of innovative educators, community partnerships or education activism, they provide a media rich experience.

Reviews: Reviews are a great place to start if you have never written for Voice. We accept reviews of books, websites, educational games and other resources. Reviews are typically about 350 words. They give an overview of the resource as well as the reviewers thoughts on how useful it would be in the classroom, which grades it would be suitable for, and what aspects of learning it speaks to.

Become a Reviewer

Voice is looking for people to review books for each of our issues. If you would like to become a reviewer, you can see the current books available for review and apply to become a reviewer here.

A Note on Style

We are interested in articles written in an informal, narrative writing style. Contributors should write in their own voice and avoid board and subject jargon. Each article should have an emotional hook, which draws a reader into the story. Whenever possible, articles should offer some practical tools for teachers who might be interested in creating or developing the ideas or practices presented in their own classrooms.

A Note on Submitting a Query to Voice

Submit your query by email to Your query should include a 150 word description of what you would like to write as well as a writing sample if you have one available. If you do not have a suitable writing sample, consider beginning your relationship with Voice by proposing a review of a book or resource that you have found helpful or interesting. If you would like to skip this step and develop an idea, call the editor to discuss your query. Izida Zorde: 416 962 3886. A final note. A positive response to your query is not a commitment to publish. The suitability of an article can only be assessed after it is submitted.

Writer’s Fees

Voice pays an honorarium of 30 cents per published word.