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Representation in the "Great White North"

Colleen Elep and Chad Mills consider why diverse representations of the outdoors matter and what educators can do to make sure they are inclusive of all their students.

Building in and with Community

Anti-Poverty Activist Paul Taylor talks about growing up under Mike Harris, political and systemic solutions to food insecurity and rejecting the charity model.

More Than a Page

Tina Zita
Tina Zita reflects on creating opportunities for her students to represent themselves.

Making My Way in the Makerspace

Nicole Netherway
Nicole Netherway explains why the makerspace is the perfect environment to foster adaptive and creative thinking.

Standing Firm Against Hate

Melissa Sky
Melissa Sky implores 2SLGBTQ+ allies to stand in solidarity with rainbow colleagues and students in the face of rising violence and hate towards the community.