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Community Organizing

Letter from the Editor

Izida Zorde

With contracts expiring at the end of August, this issue of Voice focuses on collective bargaining. It also includes an interview with three local leaders.

Standing Strong Across Ontario

ETFO Voice

ETFO educators are in an unprecedented round of bargaining with a government intent on making drastic cuts to public education.

A Future We Can All Believe In

Sharon O’Halloran

Over the course of the winter, ETFO staff have been focussed on organizing strike action, which began in late November and has extended over six phases that have included work-to-rule, rotating strikes, full-day withdrawal of services and a coordinated all affiliate one-day strike.

Parents Standing with Teachers

Nigel Barriffe, Yolanda B’dacy and Helen Victoros

Nigel Barriffe, Yolanda B’Dacy and Helen Victoros stress the importance of community connections and the power of collective bargaining to push for a common good.

Making Permanent Connections

Izida Zorde

Izida Zorde in conversation with Idle No More organizer, lawyer and Ryerson University Chair in Indigenous Governance, Pam Palmater.

Working Together

Izida Zorde

Izida Zorde in conversation with Workers’ Action Centre Coordinator Deena Ladd.

Building Communities

ETFO Voice

Making Connections between Building Better Schools and Creating a More Just Ontario.