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Revised ETFO Arts: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts in the Junior/Intermediate Grades

Why Music Is Essential in Elementary Schools

Joshua Ball

Research shows that students’ critical thinking and creativity increase through exposure to music. Research also suggests that the mathematical abilities of children who participate in music lessons may be increased through the study of music. Yet funds are often lacking for strong music programs in Ontario schools.

Electronic Technology in Schools: Responsible and Ethical Use and Access

There are many ways in which electronic technology may be used in classrooms and school environments to enhance and promote student learning. Some technology is immediately familiar to students, and often includes instant audio and/or video recording features and immediate ability to share and post what has been recorded.

Gamification in the Classroom

Jeffrey MacCormack

Does the word gamification make you cringe? That’s okay. I get it. It sounds like an annoying made-up word. Like selfie or asap.