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Bill 122

Gearing up for Bargaining

Sharon O’Halloran

ETFO has done a great deal in the past couple of years to fight for our collective bargaining rights and the democratic rights of all Ontarians.

From the President: Standing Together

Sam Hammond
One of the challenges writing for a magazine is recognizing that I have to focus on the distant horizon; I can’t necessarily address the issues that are important to me when I write.

Your Federation

More than 150 people braved cold rainy days and Toronto traffic to attend the May Representative Council meeting this year.

The Importance of Equity (From the General Secretary)

Victoria Réaume

In the context of the current political climate, finding ways to work across our differences is more important than ever. That is one of the messages labour leader, community activist, and educator Winnie Ng brought to our February Representative Council.

Your Federation

President Hammond welcomed Representative Council members to their first meeting at ETFO’s new building. With the completion of the 2012 round of collective bargaining earlier in October, President Hammond thanked local presidents for their unwavering leadership over the past two years.