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Collective Agreements

Painting Ontario Blue: What Would a Tory Government Mean to ETFO Members? (Ideas)

Vivian McCaffrey

The minority government at Queen’s Park means Ontario could face an election this school year. ETFO members may still harbour strong feelings about the Liberal government’s attack on collective bargaining rights and the failure of anyone in the legislature to vigorously defend them, but we should not overlook the bigger threat to the public sector and to unions: the agenda of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

ETFO Wins Concrete Gains (From the General Secretary)

Gene Lewis
The past year of negotiations has been challenging for ETFO members, but through solidarity and collective action ETFO has consistently shown that we are united in our commitment to democracy and the protection of our members.

Bargaining New Collective Agreements (From the President)

Sam Hammond

For ETFO the October provincial election was a success story: we worked hard to ensure the election of a majority of education-friendly candidates and that goal was accomplished with the election of 53 Liberals and 17 New Democrats.

ETFO Annual Meeting 2011

The importance of the October provincial election and bargaining new collective agreements were President Sam Hammond's focus in his opening address to some 600 annual meeting delegates.