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Health & Safety

Reaping The Rewards Of Mindfulness

Amy Smith

Our students are living in a fast-paced world with information flashing before their eyes at a rate that would have been considered unimaginable just 10 years ago.

Your Federation

President Hammond welcomed Representative Council members to their first meeting at ETFO’s new building. With the completion of the 2012 round of collective bargaining earlier in October, President Hammond thanked local presidents for their unwavering leadership over the past two years.

Learning Personal Boundaries with Taylor the Turtle

Carrie Sinkowski

Talking to Children about their bodies, safety, and personal boundaries can be a challenge to even the most seasoned educator. A turtle offers a wonderful concrete example of self-care and safety planning by nature; it has that beautiful shell.

Electrical Hazards in the Classroom

Valence Young

Working with electrical equipment is wired into an educator’s day. We handle SMART Boards, computers, audio-visual carts, and extension cords. If this wiring and equipment is damaged, faulty, or misused, it can become an electrical hazard.

Nutrition for School Learning

Jim Giles

Did you know that 148,000 school-age children live with chronic hunger in Ontario and 5,900 children in northern Ontario use food banks?