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Letter from the Editor

Izida Zorde

The theme of the fall issue of Voice is allies. As we move through particularly turbulent political times, working together as allies and in solidarity across social movements is more important than ever. In her article, The Stories We Teach, Velvet Lacasse reflects on the importance of thinking critically about whose voices are represented and whose are missing in our schools and our curriculum. “Becoming an ally is an ongoing process that requires critical reflection about the stories we bring into the classroom,” she writes. “It means acknowledging that the privilege we have to teach comes with a responsibility to actively decolonize our schools and disrupt the colonial narrative.”

In our feature interview with Workers Action Centre Coordinator Deena Ladd, she talks about the importance of working together to raise everyone up by improving the base pay and working conditions of all Ontarians. In his fall column, President Hammond writes, “While we have always been committed to equity and social justice, we, as a union of educators, are increasingly recognizing the importance of our solidarity with other social movements. This means not only fighting to ensure that we have safe and healthy classrooms, but also actively working to ensure that our students and their families, the communities in which we teach, have their needs met and their social safety nets intact.”

With November fast approaching, Christina Saunders encourages all members to commemorate Treaties Recognition Week. Presenting an overview of treaties and treaty issues, Saunders offers resources to help teach treaty recognition and land acknowledgement to our students. Also in this issue, Nicolette Lane helps members navigate the reporting protocols for violent incidents in schools.

These, along with a curriculum insert co-developed by ETFO and the White Ribbon Campaign, book reviews and a fall crossword puzzle are sure to get the school year off to a great start.

Happy fall everyone!