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Letter from the Editor

Izida Zorde

The theme of the fall issue of Voice is allies. As we move through particularly turbulent political times, working together as allies and in solidarity across social movements is more important than ever.

Our Resolve Remains Unshakeable

Sharon O'Halloran
On February 12, the Ontario Court of Appeals upheld the ruling that Bill 124 was an unconstitutional attack on workers’ rights, marking a pivotal moment in ETFO’s fight for free and fair collective bargaining.

Your Federation: Winter 2023

ETFO Voice

Representative Council, Oct. 2023

President Brown opened her address calling for a peaceful solution in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, asking educators to be aware of the impacts of this war on their students and families.

Violence Against Women

Elizabeth Mitchell
Educators have experienced a sevenfold increase in violence since 2005. Elizabeth Mitchell writes about the connection to gender.

Violence in the Early Years

Nicolette Lane

For young students witnessing violence in the classroom there may be long term effects such as anxiety or fear of returning to school.