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Your Federation: Winter 2023

ETFO Voice

Representative Council, Oct. 2023

President Brown opened her address calling for a peaceful solution in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, asking educators to be aware of the impacts of this war on their students and families.

Your Federation

President Sam Hammond opened the 2013 annual meeting by reflecting on ETFO’s important achievements.

Annual Meeting 2012 (Your Federation)

Close to 600 delegates attended the 2012 Annual Meeting in Toronto to debate and set policy directions for the upcoming year. In his opening address, President Hammond set the tone for the meeting by expressing the anger and betrayal that members are feeling in response to the Li

Celebrate! (OTF Report)

Rian McLaughlin

Every Year OTF, in partnership with OTIP (the Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan), recognizes the outstanding work of educators across Ontario. The OTIP Teaching Awards were established in 1991 and are held in conjunction with World Teachers’ Day, Oct. 5.

Your Federation

ETFO launches its bargaining campaign ETFO’s November 2011 collective bargaining conference brought together 300 local presidents, negotiators, and members of collective bargaining committees.

2006 ETFO Annual Meeting

The 2006 ETFO Annual Meeting was the first without elections.

Last year delegates decided to elect leaders for two-year terms;this year they spent four days focusing on Federation business.