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From the Editor

Izida Zorde

In the winter issue of Voice, we focus on the importance of solidarity during work-to-rule strike action and on our efforts to ensure that Ontario continues to have one of the best public education systems in the world.

Letter from the Editor

Izida Zorde

The spring issue of Voice considers how we practise inclusion in our classrooms, and reflects on the impacts of the Conservative government agenda on Ontario students and educators and the importance of mobilizing our members and engaging our communities.

Moving a Progressive Agenda Forward

Sharon O’Halloran

Our commitment to equity and the environment means that we must elect a government in Ontario that takes justice and fairness seriously.

From the Editor

Izida Zorde

The spring issue of Voice focuses on how we can make a positive impact on our communities, our society and our environment.

Making Connections: Climate Change and Social Justice

Sam Hammond

We are seeing, every day, the effects of climate change and the failure of governments to address them. We are more aware than ever of the impact climate change will have on the quality of life of future generations.

From the Editor

Izida Zorde

The spring issue of Voice is our Environment issue, focussed on teaching climate justice, environmental stewardship and equity.

Representation in the "Great White North"

Colleen Elep and Chad Mills
Colleen Elep and Chad Mills consider why diverse representations of the outdoors matter and what educators can do to make sure they are inclusive of all their students.

Environmentalism Grades 2 to 12

Meagan Perry
In Episode 11 of Season 2 of Elementary: A Podcast from the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, a panel of three students talked about how their elementary education gave them the tools they need for their work to protect the planet.