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Federal Politics

A New Year to Mobilize

Sharon O’Halloran

Welcome back to the start of another school year! I hope you had a well-deserved rest, and were able to refresh and recharge over the summer.

Your Federation - Summer 2022

ETFO Voice
Spring Representative Council meeting recap; Honouring Vic Medland; National Indigenous Peoples Day and Pride 2022.

Organizing for Election 2022

Aminah Sheikh

The only way for us to ensure a just and equitable recovery and the safety and wellbeing of our communities is to organize, mobilize and vote for the government we need.

True Leadership


President Sam Hammond will be remembered for his strength, kindness and deep respect for members.

Cross-Country Check-Up

Vivian McCaffrey

Given that education unions have memberships that are predominantly female, austerity in the education sector is clearly a women’s issue.

What's at Stake if the Harper Government Is Re-Elected? Have a Say in Canada’s Future

Vivian McCaffrey

ETFO traditionally has focused its political activities at the provincial level; the provincial government has the most direct impact on education policies and our members’ working conditions. Increasingly, however, ETFO has become concerned about the impact of federal policies on both our members’ welfare and the very fabric of Canadian society.

Change the Conversation About Taxes

Vivian McCaffrey

This compelling collection of articles takes up the challenge of turning the dial on the negative view of taxes that has come to characterize our political discourse. We’ve reached the point in Canada, including Ontario, where political leaders believe it would be suicide to raise the spectre of higher taxes.

Fighting for Fairness: Teaching Proportional Representation

Cindy Spackman

The notion of what is fair resonates deeply with the students in my grade 7 class at Algonquin Avenue School in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Students clamour for fairness  in a wide range of situations. But what does “fair” mean? Why does “fair”  matter?

2009 Global Action Week (CTF Report)

Emily Noble

Join millions around the world for The Big Read The Global Campaign for Education is calling for an exciting action on April 22, The Big Read, which we hope will unite  millions as did The World’s Biggest Lesson last year. Last year, our World’s Biggest Lesson was a resounding  s